Concrete Terrazzo

Terrazzo (also called grindstone) is a product made by mixing crushed stone, glass, quartz stone and other aggregates into cement binders to make a coagulated product and then surface grinding and polishing. The terrazzo made of cement bonding material is called inorganic grindstone, and the terrazzo made of epoxy bonding material is also called epoxy grindstone or organic grindstone. According to the construction process, the terrazzo is divided into terrazzo ground and prefabricated terrazzo ground. .

Traditional terrazzo has a huge market with its unique advantages such as low cost, arbitrarily color-to-color parquet, and convenient construction. The terrazzo floor has been used in various urban and rural buildings across the country as much as one billion square meters.

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1.Foshan Bayard Industry Co., Ltd. is a stone & marble mosaic tile company that values design thinking.


 The company's products include Concrete Terrazzo stone mosaic, stone mixed metal mosaic, stone mixed resin mosaic,     shell mosaic, flat stone mosaic tile, and other high-end stone-oriented mosaic products.


2.We keep up with the times, continue to innovate, and build the benchmark of industry quality as     our responsibility;


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There is a saying: "Gold have price, and jade is priceless." It can be imagined that the value and significance of stone has a long history in China, and even in Europe and the United States is a historical heritage. 

Our stone mosaics are mainly laid on the floors of bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and gardens indoors and outdoors, beautiful and non-slip; the decoration is elegant and elegant on the walls.

There are many applications in hotel engineering, real estate engineering, and villa engineering and architectural decoration

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