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Fibro-Level Technokolla Self-levelling Compound

by:Bayard      2020-06-21
As an addition to the range of products for preparing substrates, Technokolla now launches Fibro-level, a quick-setting fiber-reinforced levelling compound for heavily trafficked floors, as per classification codes UPEC P2, P3, P4 and P4S. Ideal for difficult and highly stressed substrates, Fibro-level is quick to dry and set, and possesses ultra-high mechanical strength. Found on been formulated for developing a skimming layer on indoor floors in layers 3 to 30 mm thick prior to laying floor cladding materials on moderately or heavily trafficked new or renovated surfaces. Technokolla's group of adhesives and bonding agents also includes two new products: Technomax s1 and Technodue, both true towards company's culture of building and its desire to propose advanced solutions for the trade. The former is a flexible fluid adhesive formulated for application within a single coat on large ceramic ceramic tiles. It can be used for over-tiling and on heating screeds and is also excellent being a skimming coat in layers up to 15 mm more substantial. Technomax s1 is handy and mainly comprises high-strength cements. Could be used both indoors and outdoors for laying ceramic tiles of all types, piece of rock and marble so long as are generally not troubled with water, thin porcelain stoneware slabs and old ceramic materials involving the use of primer. Because of its excellent performance, this adhesive one other suitable as replacements in industrial environments. Alongside Technomax s1, Technokolla also presents Technodue, a cement-based adhesive with two components supplying an excellent performance when used for laying large ceramic mosaic glass. It is also acceptable for over-tiling or cladding facades. With its high mechanical strength, analyzed to some extent is is a good choice used in industrial environments, regularly or facades. But it gets better. Technodue work extremely well for numberless applications both indoors and outdoors: with thin porcelain stoneware slabs, vitreous mosaic, natural stone and marble so long as they are not suffering with water also old ceramic tiles even outdoors and without the desire for 101. Visit genuine people who have for any more details about our company and its products, including floor sealants, bonding agents for developing trade, grouting compounds and floor glues.
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