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Garden of The Maidens - A Garden That Takes you

by:Bayard      2020-06-19
A visit to the Rajasthan city of Udaipur or City of the Lakes will not be complete without a stop by to the Garden or Courtyard of the Maidens. Striking the 18th century through the Maharana or King of the time, the Garden was for the viewing pleasure and leisure of the Queen and her 48 lady attendants - who were part of her dowry - as an get away from the hum drum of politics within the Palace Courts. The lush green gardens have been laid out in a carefully thought out and landscaped manner and combine arches, marble elephants, fountains, pools and shady trees enclosed by high walls for privacy. There one other a sitting room area in which visitors can now recline and relax after walking about garden and in order to gain an aesthetic pleasure by observing their surroundings. The stained glass mosaic and paintings further enhance the discover. The Garden also now hosts a museum that showcases some of the artefacts and pictures of a by- gone era. The courtyard itself has amongst its attractions a large lotus pool and fountains. The fountains are fed with surrounding lakes with each having its own dedicated waterways and ducts that feed that it. The individual sounds made from these ducts add towards music and ambiance of the gardening purposes. An additional attractive feature of these fountains is how the arches created about it and the rainlike spray it creates is entirely natural and fed from the natural water pressure and is not aided in any manner by motors or other equipment. The trimmed lawns, beautiful kaleidoscope of colours from the flowers and the sights and sounds of the garden make for an interesting, leisurely and relaxing walk because of this an essential section of the beauty of area of Udaipur. Those visiting and so forth the lookout a good Udaipur hotel end up being spoilt for choice as there are lots that offer excellent amenities and options. However for a luxury hotel Udaipur, a hotel which has won the minds and hearts of all who pass through its doors, The Leela Palace Udaipur is an ideal choice. Google+
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