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Green Series High Value Healing Sofa


*Recently APPLE push latest mountain green that’s very hot. The house product have the same color. We collected 2022yr popular soft decoration color that’s green furniture product. There are series green that bright whole house and catch our eyes. Healing series natural live is belonged to mountain green time. It’s spring.

*Color psychologists point out that people feel calm when exposed to short-wavelength colors (for example green). This phenomenon would be appearance by human being processing. Bcs green environment is behalf of rich food and water for primitive mind. The green create positive mind and keep it to the current century. So when interior have green furniture, it seems to own sense of security.

*Soft & comfortable green sofa/chair give us a feeling that we seems on grassland. Which could let a day tired out. Sleeping on the sofa and sharing sunshine that’s pleasure life.

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