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A surprising New Collection of Bathroom Mosaic Tiles

by:Bayard      2020-07-01
Surface Tiles is delighted to present SICIS elements - an amazing new associated with 140 different glasses, regarding flooring arranged into colour styles or 'moods' to create an motivational design scheme for every home. The eight 'moods' or 'elements' make up the selection Air, World, Flame, Ice, Lava, Characteristics, Snowfall, and Water - this contains flooring in innovative new forms such as ovals, ellipses, domes, groups, pieces. The tonal colour combinations range from the inner pink doldrums to light breezy pastels in 'Air' which delivers a feelings of incredible relaxed and total wellness - perfect for bathroom variety flooring, through to colours of rich dark red whites and warm designer in 'Fire' which generate interest, energy. Colours and forms for every feeling are mixed to create works for areas, floors and areas, which include shine, iridescent, clear and solid. In addition to excellent design, the process used by SICIS makes these flooring extraordinary; an excellent visible difference can be seen between SICIS element cup flooring and other large range. In this process melted cup is approved through double round clicks which move and force the cup into formed packages. Each producing floor has the liechtenstein colouration and structure making it an interesting work of function. No two flooring are the same. The colours, designs, styles and uncommon forms and the 'moods' they make the SICIS elements range perfect for showing the hot new pattern for charm in the variety market. The selection can be easy use in any area of the home to create a simple yet new feature or extraordinary declaration piece. As an example package mirror systems, kitchen rush supports, wet rooms, and restroom variety flooring or bathroom mosaic tiles and wall space. There is an area in website which devoted entirely to SICIS mosaics. Can make accessible to browse, we have divided the mosaics into eight colours. Individuals only some variety of range available. We advise you to envision out shop or discuss to amongst our revenue professionals if you can't discover what searching for on the internet. If you would like to purchase examples of Product 1, the variability of area flooring or the attractive variety you will require to get in contact with one of your revenue professionals. About Surface Tiles. Provides modern products in an innovative new and exciting atmosphere to developers, developers, and the public instantly. High end/ designer tiles for bathrooms, kitchens, natural stone tiles uk, floors (internal & external). Staff of reputed interior designers for prime quality products. They do not compete in the budget tiles publicise. Surface Tiles have 3 showrooms in Battersea (London), Islington (London) and West Molesey (Surrey, Greater London) because they regularly host workshops for designers to advertise their products.
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