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Glass mosaic

In order to meet the needs of the market and our customers, we have increased this glass mosaic production line. I hope your customers will like our glass mosaic style. Our glass mosaic is based on the idea of simple and easy construction, well, and imitation stone. You can see this picture of the latest glass mosaic in 2020. We are in accordance with the customer’s favorite size 298X300X8mm to make. Because of this size, they are easier to construct than the construction workers, and this specification is the cheapest in this price. So we are all based on this basis to do a series of design. At the same time, our company mainly manufactures stone mosaic. Therefore, our glass mosaic patterns are all created according to the stone patterns. In this way, it will cater to the overall style of our company. Then on the other hand, we should take care of the needs of other countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. We also made a group of golden style for them.

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