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Solid surface bathtub

Solid surface bathtub/ artifical stone bathtub/ resin stone bathtub is the latest bathtub that abandons the various deficiencies of acrylic bathtubs, ceramic bathtubs and cast iron bathtubs because of its many advantages. It is a representative of trend and high quality. Because of its high level of technological requirements, there are not too many domestic manufacturers that can mass-produce artificial stone bathtubs.

The artificial stone bathtub is made of environmentally friendly transparent resin, glass beads, bauxite powder and other materials after mixing, casting, splicing, and careful polishing. At the same time, different colors can be deployed during the production process, so that it can get different beautiful appearances.

The appearance of the product is simple, elegant and generous, high surface finish, low heat transfer coefficient, good insulation performance, high strength, good toughness, engraving and compression resistance, strong abrasion resistance, anti-mildew and antibacterial, high temperature resistance, not easy to stain, easy to clean, not aging , Easy to repair, the weight is only 65% of the ordinary artificial stone bathtub.

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