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How about the minimum order value for ODM products?
For your minimum purchase value of ODM products, please consult with our customer services. Foshan Bayard Industry Co., Ltd. is filled with confidence in our capacity to produce value for our clients. ODM is the best answer for businesses searching for a spouse to conceive a totally customized solution. Our firm has several years of expertise in creating top quality mixed travertine mosaic tiles from the business, which can be worthy of your confidence.

Bayard is prominent in the stone mosaic tiles industry for its top quality and best mosaic tiles. mosaic tile backsplash produced by Bayard is very popular in the market. Bayard mosaic floor tile sheets is produced under a series of complicated procedures which requires professional workmanship, such as materials handling, shaping, glazing, sintering, and drying or cooling. Each piece of this product is unique with different special veining and color. I've had this product for several months and wear it at least once a week. They go with pretty much everything and have held its color throughout. - Said one of our customers. Its marble material is highly resistant to hard wearing.

The permanent goal of we is to create top brands in the world colourful mosaic tiles industry. Welcome to visit our factory!
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