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Ways to Give Your Bathroom a drug free Look

by:Bayard      2020-06-14
To give your bathroom a spirit of nature, simply choose only colors and materials which are reminiscent of the great outdoors. Select colors, floral plants, floor covers, walls teak, stone and white tiles. Install sanitary or white stone and prefer a simple tap. Complete the decor with furniture and accessories in wood or vegetable colors. Nature is coming domicile! The Colors of the Bathroom The Soil You can choose ground tiles compared to neutral white, for example, where you can put teak mats or gratings. Option is to develop a lot more ground using parquet or pebbles. The spirit nature of a bath room will be enhanced. The Wall Tiles You can make white with a frieze nature or forest green tones from color chart previously selected. Also realize all or part with the deck in the tub with this tile frieze. For genuine looking bathrooms, wall surfaces can remain can be dressed with slate or teak. Sanitary You can come up any light colored or opt for white sanitary possess a connotation more natural decoration. Example, you can opt a washbasin made of stone pebbles or would rather coat your shower. The Fitting Choose the sober fitting rather than contemporary. Your kind decoration will be even more pleasing. Furniture and Works Choose furniture made of natural wood or painted in a colors previously selected. Furniture plan should work in wood, slate or tiles used for that frieze and apron bathe. The Lighting If a person lucky enough to have natural light, choose suspensions covered with natural material such as wood or glass. The appropriate people have natural light, top would be to make a false ceiling with integrated spotlights, possibly adjustable. You should have additional lighting across the sink reflect. Choose a decorative small lamp. Accessories Your Bathroom is an extensive nature You'll in order to be inside your bathroom all night! To develop a mirror frame original, paste your mirror on a plywood support (rather thick: about 15mm) with a turn five to six cm wider than the mirror. Use glue or pebble mosaic on this tour with tile epoxy. When everything is dry, place attachment on the back of the mirror and your mirror frame is wrapped up.
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