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Another Container to Africa from Nansha Port, Guangzhou, China


This is the container transported to the African project in March. We can't think of Africa, and there are also the ability to purchase high quality products before this customer. Containers are equipped with 300x600mm ceramics wall tile, 600x600mm porcelain floor tile, 1000x200mm wooden porcelain floor tile, and 300x300mm mosaic tile.


When we was receiving this customer, he once asked a question of our salesperson. He asked us why people of their country believe that Chinese product quality is not good. However, after a few days of visit in Foshan, China found that China's product quality is very good. We told him that the experience of so many years, the distributors of your country will choose the price of low-cost, lower quality, look such as basic qualified products. Such a dealer is selling well after deducting shipping, import taxes, labor, and profits. At the same time, it can comply with the consumption capacity of ordinary people in Africa. So you are hard to find China's high-end products in local high-end engineers. If you want to buy a good quality Chinese goods, it is best to come to China to buy. Of course, there are many suppliers in China who know that you are coming to Africa, they will fix the recommended middle and low-end products to African customers. Therefore, when you purchase products, you must first emphasize the importance of quality, followed by price requirements. And our company generally puts African customers and other countries customers. A long time ago, a South African customer of the boss gave her a very important information. It is also the quality of African customers. At the same time, our product quality is also directed at the high-end market. Finally, we highly emphasized a state of commercial proverbs in China, "high quality being came from high costing." The business in any place is applicable about it.


Experience also tells us that African customers also have the ability to purchase high-end products, as well as high-end groups.

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