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Our Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles Product Application


Our stone Mosaic tiles are mainly made of marble. Some styles have mixed metal or glass materials to enhance the sense of design and luxury. Stone Mosaic tiles are very popular in European and American countries. But in other countries, there are still designers and individuals who don't know how to use them to match indoor or outdoor floors and walls. Therefore, in this tweet, we intentionally collected pictures of different concepts and combinations for customers to appreciate the usage and collocation scheme of stone Mosaic tiles. I hope this post will give you some new ideas on home interior design and make your home and project more luxurious and tasteful.


Generally speaking, our stone Mosaic tiles are used for decoration or anti-slip on the floors and walls of hotels, villas, houses, gardens, swimming pools, kitchens and bathrooms. Still can shop stick on the metope of wall sofa, TV, dining room, appear more costly grace has grade.


Here's a look at our collection of design ideas that we hope will give you a different perspective. If you like this design matching scheme, please contact with us, we will send our latest design to your personal contact information. In the future, we will collect more solutions and share them with you here.



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